Whole Foods to Break Ground in 2013 in Downtown San Jose

Posted on August 02, 2012.

Whole Foods to Break Ground in 2013 in Downtown San Jose It was announced last Tuesday evening at a City of San Jose Planning meeting that the highly anticipated Whole Foods Market at the corner of The Alameda and Stockton Street in downtown San Jose will likely break ground in March 2013. Representatives from the city’s Planning Division, Whole Foods Markets, and Field Paoli Architects were on hand to unveil preliminary design plans and to try to address and answer neighbors’ concerns and questions. The architects unveiled a dual building scheme, with the 33,000 square foot main grocery building running along The Alameda, and a smaller 2-story building at the corner. This second building will house a beer garden, coffee and juice bar, and possibly a take-away pizza joint. Future plans may also include a brewery. Design elements will take inspiration from previous local landmarks including an old bottling facility and cannery and will include painted corrugated metal, wood, and plenty of windows, hopefully including some views into the inner workings of the store. The courtyard between the two buildings will include shade cover and plenty of indoor and outdoor seating. It is the goal of Whole Foods to make this not only a gateway into the Rose Garden and Shasta/Hanchett neighborhoods, but also a community gathering spot for all of downtown San Jose. As a business owner and high-rise condo resident in downtown San Jose, I know this Whole Foods Market will be a welcome addition to the downtown San Jose landscape.