Thank You For Donating This Holiday Season ~ Some Positive News ~

Posted on January 08, 2021.

Thank You For Donating This Holiday Season ~ Some Positive News ~ As we close out a hectic, heavy week filled with overwhelming news, it can be difficult to allow ourselves a moment of levity and reprieve. It is almost vital, because of this, that we remember the good and the positive where we can. 

This holiday season, we invited our friends, clients and colleagues to participate in a virtual holiday donation drive with proceeds going the the Family Giving Tree. For 30 years, Family Giving Tree has been granting specific holiday wishes to children, seniors, and adults experiencing homelessness.

This year, although impacted by the coronavirus, Family Giving Tree continued its annual effort as they sought to deliver holiday cheer in the form of 40,000 wished-for gifts. We were happy to join them in this effort and ended up exceeding our $1500 goal through virtual donations of gifts and money! 

We are so grateful to everyone who contributed and look forward to continuing to find ways to give back to our communities for the coming year, especially as we continue to navigate the unprecedented conditions of this pandemic. 

Thank you again, and Happy New Year to all!