Once again, California tops the list of states where Americans would like to live if they didn’t live in their current states. And why not, California has great weather, beaches, mountains, and plenty of sights and scenes all the way up and down the beautfiul Golden State. According to a recent Harris Poll survey, California came in first for the state Americans would choose to live in besides their current state. California has come in first seven straight years in the survey since 2002. This year, California beat out Hawaii, Florida, Colorado and Arizona for the top spot. These states finished out the top 5. Hawaii and Florida have consistently traded positions between second and third the past few years.

And who wouldn’t want to live in Hawaii or Florida?!?! Despite the recent economic downturn and real estate market, people would still rather live in California than anywhere else. This is a great factor in believing that both the economy and real estate market will eventually rebound in Silicon Valley and California. People still want to live here!

“If you could live in any state in the country, except the state you live in now, what state would you choose to live in?”

1 California
2 Hawaii
3 Florida
4 Colorado
5 Arizona
6 North Carolina
7 Oregon
8 Texas
9 New York
10 Washington

The Harris PollĀ® #122, October 19, 2010