City View Development and Downtown San Jose's Visions for Pedestrian and Public Transit Elements

Posted on June 05, 2020.

City View Development and Downtown San Jose's Visions for Pedestrian and Public Transit Elements

San Jose as a city has been on a mission to transition away from relying on cars as the primary mode of transportation and accommodating more public transit, pedestrian traffic, and bike options. The most recent developments have made a commitment to this by providing wonderful bike and pedestrian elements while limiting parking to deter adding more vehicles to the downtown core. 

City View is one of downtown’s latest and most significant developments. Located at the corner of Park Ave and Almaden Blvd, this 3 million square foot office space will be located within walking distance of Diridon, future BART stations, and existing Light-rail stations. Additionally, it is within easy walking distance of all the restaurants and shops in Downtown San Jose. 

City View plans to add fantastic bike and pedestrian features, however is also has plans to add over 6,000 parking spaces. Shiloh Ballard from the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition dubbed this addition as a “parking bomb”. 

“This is a mile from Diridon station. We jeopardize our investment in transit if we continue to make it easy to drive,” wrote Ballard. “The parking means they have to have more ingress/egress which they are placing on San Fernando, the city’s best bike boulevard.” She added that the city has a grant to improve San Fernando but that this is at “cross purposes” if San Jose is serious about limiting cars and becoming a more pedestrian oriented city. 

In contrast, Google is also proposing a large transit-oriented campus in the area directly surrounding Diridon Station. This is part of an effort to improve public transit options for employees and create a pedestrian friendly village that integrates seamlessly with the surrounding community. 

Mayor Sam Liccardo was previously quoted in Streetsblog, “Our ambition is to retrofit a city that has been built for cars into one that is built for people [...] The vibrancy that we hope and expect it will bring to our streetscape will start to change perceptions of San Jose throughout the region.”

Completion of City View is currently projected for  2024. 

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